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EuroBLECH 21.-25. Oktober 2014, Hannover


PKT plastics are carefully selected, mixed and created for specific needs. The suitable plastic composition is produced relying on specific requirements. This care ensures high efficiency at reasonable cost!

This implicates in analogy to our company philosophy:
"The right material for the right price"

Thoughts on recycling of plastics:

Through the outstanding properties of improved plastics, its utilization around the world grows rapidly. While the return rate of steel (for recycling) in Europe is at around 40 - 60%; plastics are merely at 2 - 3 % recycling rate.
Improving this ratio is in the interest of all mankind. PKT contribute to a significant amount thereto. 

Material convinces thru its weather resistance and high utility.
It has a long lifetime and can be again recycled.

  • Resistant to chemicals and oil
  • No oil or liquid absorption, therefore no change in structure, solidity and colour. Best example is its usage in oily environments
  • Without treatment, weather-resistant, durable and long lasting
  • Elastic, splinter proof (by cracks)
  • Visually fastidious - different surface textures and colours possible
  • By adding pigments, colouring the products is in almost every colour nuance possible, thus keeping the colour even after Abrasion
  • Handling like wood
  • Easy and inexpensive to paint
  • Economically valuable: discharge of landfills and incinerators, while replacing short-living wooden products, in order to protect forest resources
  • Can getagain into the recycling cycle
  • Advantageous, good price value
  • PKT products are TÜV-tested