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EuroBLECH 21.-25. Oktober 2014, Hannover


"Better is the enemy of the good"


Progress comes partly from the invention of new things that have not yet been present. The second part which is considerably important, comes from the development of existing ideas and products. It is amazing what potential is hidden in even seemingly simple products.


In addition to developing and implementing new ideas, PKT has essentially focused on a major key-area: Optimization.


This principle includes 3 main areas:

  • Enquiring the exact actual condition (actual)
  • Enquiring the exact requirements (debit or target)
  • Developing a customized, exact matching product


The customer can thereby be offered a Product free of properties which are not needed. This approach has allowed in recent decades enormous progress. A comparison of steel constructions of the past with todays, or even the size of old and new building constructions illustrates the pursued principle of PKT, the Unique Selling Proposal:


"The exact right product - at the right place -  at the right price"