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Materials in General

When is it worth increasing initial investment in comparison to wood? Answer?

Wooden products, due to their deleteriousness always need to be treated and renewed, this yields to a huge advantage when it comes to using recycled plastic.


Example: the average labour costs for maintaining and renewing wooden park benches lays around 100, - Euro a year.

With the use of 300 park benches (average by municipality, clubs etc.), the cost rises to 30,000 Euro a year.

The investment cost of all benches is a one time investment of approximately 50,000 Euros.

With a life expectancy of just five years results in a saving of 80,000 Euro (annual cost of 30,000 - x 5 = 150,000 minus 80,000). That is an average cost savings of 16,000 .- Euro per year.

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What is the future in the field of recycling? Answer?

The rising awareness of the need for wise management of the resources of our planet, in conjunction with increasingly stringent environmental laws to justify the expense of meaningful recovery of valuable materials.

Therefore, new ideas and concepts in this area will be carried through, but with no foreseeable developments.


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What is the max weight load of these wedges ? Answer?

The wedges are, for all commercial coils up to 40t, 60t loads respectively. To use of two wedges for the storage of one coil, results with a Coil weight of 40tons, a load pressure of 10t per supporting points.


The material is therefore always in the safe range, even if the quality of recycled material used varies.

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Are the wedges recyclable?

The wedges are, after being fully crushed, recyclable.

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To what maximum diameter are coils storaged? Answer?

With Roll cradels systems DK 960/150, you can store Coils from 800 up to 2000 mm diameter in 2 layers stackable.

With the system DK 1300/150, you can have them from 1250 to 2500 mm diameter in 3 layers stackable, with corresponding substructure.

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How can narrow coils be detached, when the storage platform is full? Answer?

With a pair of pliers or a hacking, however the coil must be on one side freely accessible.
Also the removal with hackings requires a certain distance between the coils (they should not be stored too close to each other).

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Why are the pillars of the storage platform not coated?


The supporting rails are standard tubes simply plugged in, if necessary coated or otherwise provided in a different form of construction.

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Can the storage platform be used for example on the truck or railway wagon? Answer?

Yes, it can be used everywhere, where coils need to be stored upright or transported.
For truck and railway transportation, the coils are tighten down for extra security.

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How should be the fundament, the preparation for storing the coils onto the wedges? Answer?

For safe storage of broader coils (starting width approximately 500mm), wedges could be placed directly on the floor.

For storage systems, U-Rails (UTB 180) are used in which wedges can be laid.

In order to prevent slippage of coils in a two or three-layer storage, spacers are to be provided between the wedges (more details upon request).


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How true to size are profiles? Answer?

Due to the characteristics of material, a shrinkage of up to 5% could be noticable.  However, this is not always and necessarily the case.

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What differences are there in comparaison to wooden profiles? Answer?

The material recycled-plastic shows partly a different kind of resistance. It is more flexible, but breaks down under extreme overexpansion.  At high temperatures (starting 110 ° C), the material is soft and loses its hardness.  In the construction or during construction, measures to compensate elongation at the influence of heat (sun) must be provided.

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What do you have to consider when processing? Answer?

The processing is very similar to that of wood, but carbide tools are recommended.  The material can be hammered, cut, drilled, etc. As for the screws, we recommend "Sparks" with high strength.

Thru the fusion of metal and plastic, and after a certain time, are threaded with standard screws no longer dismantable.

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How long does the color last? Answer?

The color of the material is UV-stabilized.  However, there are due to different processing of materials, color variations up to 5% for the original.  Heavily UV-irradiated components can lighten with time.

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Are the profiles also paintable, if so, how? Answer?

All profiles are paintable. But for a durable long lasting paint, a special coating and a pretreatment are necessary.

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Up to what temperature is this material usable? Answer?

Depending on the tension in the installed state and depending on the load, up to 130°C.

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Could these materials be again recycled? Answer?

All plastic parts could be again recycled.  The material is extremely durable.  In some cases, reprocessing could be more expensive than recycling of new plastics.

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How long are delivery time? Answer?

Small quantities on stock.  The production of non-storable profiles and components last maximum one week, only larger orders require a longer delivery time.

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Among the Components

What load could these constructions hold in comparison with to these from wood? Answer?

Recycled plastic is flexible, therefore not as firm as wood.  For the same load is the plastic component of bigger dimension.  Against long term bowing, a metal reinforcements in some case would make sense.

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Against which chemicals are components resistant? Answer?

To acids and alkalis, but especially against oil and ammonia (urine).

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Whom can mount the components? Answer?

Instructions are available for the material-assembly. Alternatively, the producer's assembly team is available by prior arrangement.

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Which constructive specific features should be considered at planning stage? Answer?

The design of plastic products - if they are not reinforced - should be at around 20-30% stronger than comparable wood constructions.

The offered bench boards are reinforced with steel (against vandalism)!

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Among the finished products

What is the life expectancy of these products? Answer?

The plastic products offered have a tremendously long lifespan. In any case, since use of this material, complaints in this regard have not been registered.

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Are there any spare parts? Answer?

Individual components, such as those from other material will be easily replaced, should violence comes to harm.

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Does the look of finished products changes with time? Answer?

In extreme ultraviolet radiation, a slight brightening effect will be noticable. Over the years and due to the characteristics of recycled material, a deviation up to 10% can be found.

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