PKT Profil-Kunststoff-Technik
Boschanstraße 3
A-2484 Weigelsdorf
Phone: +43(0)2254/72301
Fax: +43(0)2254/79094

EuroBLECH 21.-25. Oktober 2014, Hannover


The use of plastic is, due to its outstanding properties expanding worldwide very rapidly.

Unlike steel for example, its return rate is still very low.


PKT deals with the return & recycling of these plastics. The aim is a responsible use of earth's resources that have been already bound to produced products. They should be meaningfully recycled.

Another focus of the company's activities lies in the consultancy and the development of secure concepts for the storage and handling of coils in the steel industry. Here contribute PKT's products successfully to the security of employees and to the products.


The company´s headquarters is in a modern industrial estate in the municipality Weigelsdorf south of Vienna. From there is the worldwide distribution carried out.

PKT cooperate in some countries with independent distribution partners.